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Royal Catering by Hermanos Torres

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A new catering experience in Barcelona

Royal Catering by Hermanos Torres

The unbridled creativity of the Hermanos Torres meets the expertise of Royal Catering to deliver a new, unique catering experience in Barcelona.

The haute cuisine of the Hermanos Torres combines with the proficiency of Royal Catering in producing high quality events for hundreds of guests. This collaboration begins a new phase for the Barcelona catering scene; one that marries exceptional food with large event production.

The innovative reception and gala dinner menus reflect the culinary imagination of the Hermanos Torres and their passion for local produce.


The twins Javier and Sergio Torres, born in Barcelona in 1970, have always had a clear culinary vocation. A mix of rigorous training, a focus on technique and a sensorial approach to product resulted in them being awarded two Michelin stars in 2018. The gastronomy of the Hermanos Torres is based on bringing out the best in the product with minimum intervention. Their solid technical training allows seemingly simple dishes to blossom with colour, flavour, aroma and texture.

Royal Catering boast over twenty years experience in large events such as the Trofeo Conde de Godó Barcelona Open as well as grand weddings and corporate events both in Barcelona and outside the city. Royal Catering is also an official supplier to Mobile World Congress and the VIP areas of the Spanish Grand Prix and Moto GP at the Barcelona-Catalonia circuit.


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